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10 Reasons You Need a Security System

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If you are consid­ering installing a security system in your home, there are many reasons why this may be a good idea. Not only does a security system deter break-ins and help prevent against fire damage and carbon monoxide poisoning, but it also provides you the peace of mind that you and your family are safe.

Here are ten reasons to having home security systems installed in your properties.

Deter Break Ins

Installing a security system can deter intruders from even consid­ering your home as a target. If an intruder does choose to enter your home, your security system will give you warning and let you get out of the home, it may also be enough to frighten the intruder and encourage them to leave your home quickly.

Piece of Mind

Knowing that you have a security system in your home can help you to rest a little easier. This peace of mind is even more needed when you have children, elderly or disabled family members that may be left alone at times in the home. If you do have an elderly or disabled family member you may want to consider looking into home security systems that also offer medical alert options.

Gain an Extra Pair of Eyes

When you are not home having an extra look out on your home can be invaluable. Security systems with monitoring services give you that extra set of eyes. Continuous monitoring means that someone will be notified if and when alarms are triggered. This may include alarms for break-ins, fire detec­tions and other unusual events.

Protect Valuables

Family heirlooms, jewelry and other valuable items are often targets for a thief. As mentioned before, the presence of a security system can be enough to stop intruders from even entering your home. If intruders do attempt to enter and get their hands on your valuables it is likely the author­ities will either catch the criminals in action or if your system includes security cameras they will be able to view footage of the intruder in action.

Save Money

Whilst the cost of home owners insurance can take a chunk of money from your bank account, there are reasons that insurance companies will give discounts. Installing home security systems can give you a discount that usually ranges from 5% — 10%.


Home security systems have come a long way and these days they do a lot more than protect you family from intruders. One addition you can get to your security system is fire and carbon monoxide monitoring. This monitoring will alert the author­ities if there are safety issues in your home.

Faster Emergency Response Times

Homes with monitored security systems installed are able to have emergency response teams dispatched quicker than home without security systems. This is due any middle man being cut out. In the event that your home catches on fire, your pets will have a better chance at survival with a monitored system.

Home Value

If you have a security system installed and you decide to sell your home, the security system can be an asset to future buyers, meaning you may be able to increase the amount you sell your home for. It may also make your home the top of the list for future buyers that are concerned about safety and security.


Security systems come with many different options these days. If you have an elderly member in your family you can add a medical alert system. If you like to see who is at your door before you open the door you can add cameras. You can now set your alarm system with your smart phone for more conve­nience. With all the available options you can set up a home security system that meets all your needs.

Low Mainte­nance

Security systems are quickly installed and take little to no mainte­nance. That said, security systems are electronic equipment and electronic equipment does malfunction. Bates Security has an on-site Customer Service Center and on-call techni­cians that are ready to assist you should you need them at any time

Consider getting more than one quote before installing a security system so that you know what options you have for service and price. Local companies are going to be more familiar with your area, false alarm ordinance, and the crime rate. Ask for referrals and research these options online. you are one step closer to gaining peace of mind with a home security system.