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Water Leak Detection System in Kentucky

Find Leaks Before They Damage Your Home and Belongings

Kentucky homes see their fair share of water damage accidents every year. Even small leaks can cause catastrophic damage to homes and property. The trick is to catch them before they lead to expensive home repairs and even mold. 

Bates Security installs Kentucky’s most reliable water leak detection systems. If the device identifies water on the ground, it will send you an alert straight to your phone. Affordable. Zero upkeep. And it could save you thousands or more on home repairs.

How It Works

How we monitor your home for water leaks

  1. Design and install

    Placement matters when it comes to water detection devices. A Bates Security professional will review your home and locate areas prone to leaks, such as behind washing machines and water heaters. 

  2. Sense and notify

    Your professional will set up and test each device to make sure the system is working as intended. Your new water leak detection system stays on 24/7 and will alert you if the sensors identify water on the ground. 


Get notified of emergencies on your phone

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