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Temper­ature Detection System in Kentucky

Secure and Protect with Temper­ature Detection Systems from Bates

Heat-imaging video solutions go by many names. Temper­ature detection. Thermal imaging. Infrared. Regardless of the name you’re familiar with, they all offer the same powerful capabil­ities. Improved security visuals. Fever detection. Threat assess­ments after dark. The oppor­tu­nities are endless. And Bates Security is one of Kentucky’s leading installers of these high-tech surveil­lance systems.

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What we offer

Temperature detection systems

Bates Security designs, installs and monitors temperature detection systems for properties across Kentucky. Our track record for installing these systems is unmatched and our customer service is far and away better than any national company. Free consultations are available and detailed property assessments are completed before we install your custom thermal imaging surveillance network.

Data recording

Managing the sheer volume of data acquired from any thermal imaging surveillance network is a serious challenge. Bates Security eliminates that problem by providing companies with cloud-based data storage at great rates.

Custom video solutions

No temperature detection system is complete without real-time video feeds linking to your CCTV network. Bates Security takes it one step further by allowing you to view live feeds from any of your thermal imaging cameras from any smart device, anywhere in the world.

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How we custom design your commercial temperature detection system

  1. Schedule

    Ready to schedule your free consultation with a Bates Security professional? Our live customer support is based right here in Kentucky! Simply give us a call at (800) 403-9471 or schedule a free consultation online

  2. Analyze

    We speak with you about your objectives for your new infrared camera system and perform a thorough assessment of your property. Your budget is always taken into account during this process and so are any ideas and suggestions from your team. 

  3. Design

    Bates Security is known for designing custom temperature detection systems for properties across Kentucky. We've designed these systems for industries of all kinds and have a wide selection of equipment to ensure your exact specifications are met. 

  4. Install

    By the time your system has been designed and the equipment selected, the lion's share of the work is already complete. Time frames for the installation itself vary quite a bit based on the size of the video network we're building for you. But we can guarantee that installation will proceed flawlessly from start to finish and your team will be trained on its proper use and function. 

  5. Follow Up

    After the installation is complete, we'll perform a thorough follow-up test to make sure your system is working as intended. If something isn't right, we'll be back to make it so. 

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