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Video Surveil­lance Systems Custom-Designed for Your Property

Have you grown out of your existing camera system, or moved to a property that doesn’t have the kind of robust surveil­lance system you’re used to? If so, the team at Bates Security is here to help. We have one of the largest selec­tions of indoor and outdoor surveil­lance cameras in Kentucky. And our profes­sionals can assist with connecting that network to your CCTV system and even develop a system that allows for complete remote and live-stream viewing capabilities.

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What we offer

Surveillance systems

Whether you need the perimeter of your property secured or desire a more robust indoor network, the experts at Bates Security can help. Our selection of equipment is second to none and our installation specialists have decades of experience with industries and properties of all types.

Video recording

Bates helps you secure your video data either via the cloud or within secured hard drives on your property. We also make it easier than ever to access that information whenever you need it, from any secured device you choose.

Convenient phone applications

See what your surveillance network sees in real-time from anywhere. With our convenient phone app, you'll stay apprised of the goings-on at your property no matter where you are.

Video verification services

If you're concerned about false alarms, we have an add-on service that's perfect for you. It's called video verification, and it practically eliminates false alarms. When a threat is detected via your video network, the professionals at Bates are notified. We can determine quickly whether a crime is actually taking place or not.

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How we custom design your commercial surveillance system

  1. Schedule

    Ready to schedule your free consultation with Bates? You can give us a call anytime at (800) 403-9471 or schedule a free consultation online

  2. Analyze

    An expert from Bates Security will analyze your property and your existing surveillance network. We'll also discuss ideas with your team on how the existing system is lacking and what the new system needs to accomplish. 

  3. Design

    With the knowledge we've acquired about your personal needs and the needs of your property, we'll design the perfect custom system for your business. From there, we'll share our ideas and get input from your team. 

  4. Install

    We install your new surveillance system with the skill and professionalism that Kentucky business owners have come to expect from Bates Security. 

  5. Follow Up

    We do not consider the installation complete until every last camera has been tested and reviewed to ensure property functionality. We also make sure your team is 100% comfortable with how the system works and what its capabilities are. 

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