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Medical Alert Pendants and Bracelets in Kentucky

With Medical Alert Monitoring, Help Is Just a Button-Press Away

A fall does not have to be a life-threat­ening situation if you live alone in your Kentucky home. Bates Security helps people stay independent for longer with medical alert bracelets and pendants monitored 24/7. Simple, discreet, and water-resistant, these devices can save your life or the life of someone you love.

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How It Works

How medical alert monitoring works

  1. Choose your device

    We help you find the pendant or bracelet that is right for you. Then we set it up and make sure it's being monitored correctly. 

  2. Press in emergency

    Should something happen to you or a loved one, help is just one push of a button away. We monitor these devices 24/7 and can respond in seconds. 

  3. Wait for help

    Within seconds, the professionals at Bates Security will receive the alert and contact you via a two-way speaker system installed in the home. Alternatively, the pendant can contact first responders right away. 

Security Equipment

Your custom-designed system can include:

Panic pendants and bracelets medical alert equipment lexington

Panic pendants and bracelets

Our panic pendants and bracelets are 100% water-resistant, discreet, and easy to use. Wear yours as a wristband or necklace, or keep it on your keychain for when you're on the go.
Two way speaker pendant medical alert equipment lexington

Two-way speaker

A two-way speaker system can be installed in the home to allow for easy back-and-forth between the pendant-wearer and the central monitoring station operator.

Medical Alert Monitoring Trusted by Kentucky's First Responders

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