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Fire Detection Systems in Kentucky

Here For You When Seconds Count

Bates Security installs the indus­try’s highest-rated residential fire alarm systems in Kentucky. We also monitor these systems 24/7 from our top-rated UL-listed central monitoring station. Our profes­sionals can notify first responders within seconds of an alarm going off, so whether you’re home to hear the alarm or not, we’re here for you.

How It Works

How we monitor your home for fires

  1. Set up the sensors

    Placing sensors around the home is a critical step for any fire detection system. Our professionals have years of experience and give you an unmatched installation, every time. 

  2. Sense smoke or fire

    If you choose to have your fire detection system monitored by Bates Security, we can set that up on the same day as the installation. 

  3. Call for firefighters

    If smoke is detected by one of your sensors, we'll be alerted immediately and can have first responders notified within seconds. 

Security Equipment

Your custom-designed detection system can include:

Smoke detectors

Not all smoke detectors respond to fires the same way. Some are more responsive to certain types of fires than others. At Bates, we install the latest smoke detectors with both ionization and photoelectric sensor capabilities.

Heat detectors

One type of fire, which first responders call a "fast flame" fire, can cause immense heat very fast. Heat detectors pick up on these fires faster, ensuring a faster response time as well.

Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors

Smoke and fire aren't the only threats to a home. CO gas is just as deadly, and there's no way to detect it without the proper sensors. Bates Security installs CO detectors to protect your family from this invisible killer.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Trusted by Kentucky's First Responders

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