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Carbon Monoxide Detection & Monitoring in Kentucky

Life-Saving CO Alarms & Monitoring for Kentucky Homeowners

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, invisible gas that can seep out of tradi­tional heating systems like gas-powered furnaces, boilers and other means as well. If your home has gas connec­tions, a CO alarm and monitoring service could poten­tially save your life and the lives of the ones you love. Bates installs only the most trusted CO alarms by the most reputable brands. We monitor these alarms 24/7 and can alert first responders within seconds of a sensor going off.
Carbon monoxide detection monitoring

How It Works

How we monitor your home for carbon monoxide

  1. Install your new CO detectors

    Selecting the right equipment and identifying the right location for each sensor is of paramount importance. Your Bates Security pro can assist with both. 

  2. Monitor the alarms 24/7

    If you choose to monitor through Bates, you'll be protected 24/7 against potential CO threats from our top-rated UL-listed central monitoring station. 

  3. Alert first responders

    Should your CO alarm detect carbon monoxide, we'll receive the alert the second it goes off. Seconds later we can have first responders on their way to your home. 


Carbon monoxide alerts on smartphone upgrade

Get alerts sent to your smartphone

With Bates, you can control your security system from anywhere, right from your smartphone. Lock and unlock doors, receive alert notifications, and much more.
Remote Access

Security Equipment

Your custom-designed system can include:

Carbon monoxide detectors co equipment

Carbon monoxide detectors

We offer a range of CO detectors by some of the industry's most reliable brands. Our experts install these alarms strategically around the home to maximize your safety.
Combo smoke co detector equipment

Combo detector

Some of the most advanced alarm systems on the market combine CO and smoke detection capabilities. We have these systems in stock and our professionals can have them installed in just minutes.

Protect Your Family with 24/7 CO Monitoring from Bates Security

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