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What Affects the Cost of a Business Security System in Kentucky?

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In Kentucky, the cost of a commercial security system typically has an initial one-time investment and then a monthly monitoring investment. This cost range can vary widely depending on the business, security needs, and budget.

We can only provide an exact number during your free consul­tation, but we can say that three main factors will affect the cost of a security system for your Kentucky business. Let’s explore the following factors so that you can estimate what side of the price spectrum your security system instal­lation and monitoring might fall on:

  • Security hardware
  • Instal­lation and activation
  • Business monitoring

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Security Hardware

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Larger businesses with greater square footage can expect to pay more for security hardware. Small-to-medium-sized businesses with one or two facil­ities will pay less for security hardware. The more security hardware your business needs, the more costly instal­lation will be.

Security hardware equipment typically includes the following:

  • Alarm monitoring hardware: Motion detectors, sensors, and alarms can quickly add up depending on the size of your property.
  • Access control hardware: Depending on how many doors and areas you need to secure on your property and the number of autho­rized users, you will pay more for your instal­lation. Access control hardware can include keypads, access cards, biometric readers, and door readers. If you choose to use scannable access control creden­tials, you will need to pay for hardware for each employee. Learn more in our blog, What is Access Control & Why Do You Need it For Your Kentucky Business?”
  • Video surveil­lance and monitoring hardware: Video surveil­lance security cameras come in all sizes, from discreet to obvious, and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. You can expect more for cameras with higher resolution and coverage. The more cameras, monitors, and networking you need, the higher your instal­lation will be. Other features like cloud storage, real-time phone appli­ca­tions, and video verifi­cation services will also add to the cost.

A security expert will help you determine what type of equipment you need based on your property size and security needs and then provide you with an instal­lation quote. For example, we have a thorough and collab­o­rative process for business security systems at Bates Security. We work with our clients to design a business security system that will meet their needs, and we welcome our potential clients to challenge our thinking.

Instal­lation and Activation

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What’s the difference between hardware and instal­lation invest­ments? Hardware invest­ments are solely for the equipment; instal­lation invest­ments include wiring and labor time. Generally, bigger buildings require more equipment and more labor time.

For example, a small or medium-sized business may only need two security cameras installed. Meanwhile, a larger-sized company that works with sensitive customer infor­mation and has over a hundred employees will need more cameras to cover the entire facility and separate keycards for each staff member.

During your consul­tation, the security expert will review instal­lation consid­er­a­tions for your company’s chosen business security hardware. For instance, hardwired cameras will take longer to install than WiFi cameras, increasing instal­lation costs.

The last type of instal­lation investment is an upfront activation cost. It covers all the expenses associated with setting up commercial equipment and creating new security accounts for your employees.

Business Monitoring

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Besides the upfront costs of installing an alarm system, you must also consider ongoing alarm monitoring services. You may monitor your property by yourself, which is a great choice for Kentucky business owners and property managers who are on-site frequently. However, the vast majority of medium and large-sized businesses opt to pay a monthly monitoring fee. Security profes­sionals will monitor your equipment 24/7 to flag alarms and contact the authorities.

The range for property monitoring fees increases depending on the equipment you want to have monitoring and the type of monitoring. If you wish to have every monitoring service (for example, fire, carbon monoxide, burglary, and alarm monitoring), you’ll pay more as they have separate sensors and cameras.

Companies can choose between landline, cellular, or AES radio monitoring types. Landline monitoring is the most affordable option, but burglars can easily shut down this type of monitoring by cutting up a landline. Meanwhile, cellular monitoring is more reliable while still being a mid-priced option. AES radio monitoring is the most costly option but is the most secure option as it’s a private wireless radio network.

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