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Under­standing the Need for Video Surveil­lance for Your Lexington, KY Business

Man sitting at a desk watching six computer monitors showing video surveillance of an office building.

Employers monitor virtually every activity during a standard workday. Some count keystrokes on company keyboards, and others track time on a call or the number of customers helped during a shift. The KPIs you use might differ dramat­i­cally depending on your type of business, but what doesn’t is the need to monitor employee activity and productivity.

In some indus­tries, video surveil­lance is the only way to get good monitoring. But even if it’s just one tool in the box, it’s an important one. Learn how business video surveil­lance in Lexington, KY helps with:

  • External theft
  • Internal theft
  • Vandalism
  • Burglary

Keeping your business safe means protecting your premises and employees and keeping an eye on opera­tions. This blog explores how cameras can help keep your business running more smoothly.

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Shielding Against Theft From the Outside

From nabbing condi­ments by the handful to walking off with small items, thieves target businesses in a variety of ways. A quick look at your office supply budget might reveal how often you have to replace pens or grab a new stapler, but these thefts are often accidental. More planned and executed strategies might include distrac­tions for your employees while someone clears out the till or installs a credit card skimmer.

No matter the type of theft your company suffers, compre­hensive video surveil­lance is the best way to deter and prosecute crimes at your business.

Handling Internal Theft Issues

An employee walking off with a stamp to mail a bill or grabbing an envelope for personal use is usually no big deal. Still, that behavior can lead to larger and larger perks” taken without permission. Employees are often one of the largest sources of losses. Employees are perfectly positioned to run various scams, from stealing time to taking money directly.

While someone committing theft through computer-based activ­ities might fly under the radar of conven­tional video surveil­lance, there are other forms of theft that cameras can effec­tively detect. For instance, fraud occurring right at the cash register, such as employees delib­er­ately not charging for items or inten­tionally giving the wrong change, can be clearly spotted on camera. 

While even the most stringent cash controls might overlook fake invoices or dubious vendors, incor­po­rating video surveil­lance into your security measures can signif­i­cantly aid in identi­fying and addressing internal theft issues.

Avoiding Vandalism

Both unhappy customers and termi­nated employees can be sources of not only vandalism but also potential workplace violence. Such incidents can vary from a disgruntled employee misusing office equipment, leading to wasted resources, to a frustrated customer tipping a bucket or shattering a window. Stopped-up toilets, broken light bulbs, or even spray painting vandalism are all malicious pranks that someone might play on their way out of your building.

Moreover, the presence of video surveil­lance can act as a strong deterrent against aggressive behaviors. A well-placed camera system can discourage potential trouble­makers, as they’re aware their actions are being monitored. Additionally, in the event of escalating tensions or confronta­tions, real-time video allows security or management teams to quickly assess and intervene in poten­tially volatile situa­tions, thus reducing the risk of workplace violence.

Identi­fying who accessed a specific area and when is pivotal in pinpointing culprits. For signif­icant damages or threats, pressing charges or pursuing legal action may be necessary to recover losses. This process requires undeniable proof of misconduct, empha­sizing the indis­pensable role of video surveil­lance in ensuring workplace safety and accountability.

Burglary Prevention

Combined with a burglary alarm, video surveil­lance is one of the best ways to get criminals to simply move on to a location without it. No, video surveil­lance won’t protect against planned crime, but it’s a good deterrent against crimes of oppor­tunity. If you increase the odds that criminals will get caught, they will likely look for an easier target, keeping your business safe. Plus, video surveil­lance around the exterior of your property can help identify anyone casing your business and assist in keeping your employees safe during their travel back to their car.

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