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Time Saving Tips For Busy Families


If you are like most people, you look back at the end of each day and wonder where all the time has gone. It may seem as though you have stayed busy, yet have lots of things on your to-do list that were not even touched. Learning to make the most of your time will help you feel more accom­plished and eliminate a great deal of the stress that comes from being too rushed. Here are some practical tips that can benefit nearly every family.

1. Just Say No

Many people never seem to have enough time because they have over-obligated themselves. As such, the first step in effective time management is stream­lining your schedule. Make a list of things you are involved in and then prior­itize them to determine which activ­ities should stay and which ones should go. Once you have elimi­nated unnec­essary things, make a commitment not to add anything else to your schedule.

2. Eliminate Time Wasters

We all have things that distract us and waste valuable time. Once you have elimi­nated unnec­essary events from your schedule, the next thing you should do is to determine how you are wasting time on things such as watching television or scrolling social media. We are not saying you should give up these things entirely, but rather that you should make a conscious effort to limit the amount of time you spend doing them. We think you will be surprised at how much time you suddenly gain.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan

A great deal of time can be wasted performing redundant activ­ities such as making multiple trips to the grocery store. When you plan ahead, you are less likely to waste time completing the same tasks over and over again. Make a weekly menu and spend one afternoon shopping and preparing meals to put in the freezer. Lay out your clothes every evening so you do not feel rushed in the morning. Pack lunches several days in advance, and have one location near the door where backpacks, keys, etc. can be placed so there is no rushing around to find them.

4. Delegate

One reason you may feel overwhelmed is because you are trying to do every­thing yourself. If so, look for ways that you can delegate certain things to others. Even young children should be assigned chores, and everyone in the household should also be respon­sible for picking up behind themselves. Aside from that, you may also consider hiring someone to cut your grass, clean the house, or run errands. Do not feel bad if you decide you have too much going on and need to ask for outside help.

5. Set Reasonable Standards

It is not necessary to always have a spotless home or prepare perfect meals from scratch. Set reasonable expec­ta­tions as to what you should accom­plish by making cleaning check­lists and sticking with them. Make an effort to pick up as you go, but do not worry too much if your home is a bit cluttered. After all, there is more to life than cleaning.

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