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Security System Solutions for Churches in Lexington

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Church security is essential for the growth and safety of the community. Regardless of the size of your ministry, safety should be the top priority to ensure the safe space for adults and children to worship, learn and grow. The Bible shares that we should not have fear but should use our wisdom to plan for the unexpected. Ensure that your religious community is happy, safe and secure with these helpful tips.

Have a Church Security Plan

Planning is one of the most important steps for ensuring security. Your security plan should include solutions to dangerous situa­tions and be discussed by the church ministry team. After discussing, be sure to share with the church community before your service. Use the local law enforcement to consult and give advice for business security systems as well as your Bates Security team. We provide free consul­ta­tions to learn about your security needs and offer free quotes on our systems! 

6 Action Steps to Start Today

  • Draw Attention to Exits: In an emergency, it is easy to forget about alternate ways of exiting. People often try to go the same direction they entered. In a large congre­gation, make a note to point out all the exits to your congregants.
  • Child Safety: Parents should have the assurance knowing their children are safe and sound. The children center should have a check-in area that has a barrier to keep unautho­rized people out of the kid’s area.
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  • Control Crowds: For life safety and health concerns, it is essential to keep your church community healthy and safe. Perform fever screening as members walk through your church or organization.
  • Have Emergency Lights: Ensure emergency lights are installed and tested regularly.
  • Install Church Security: To avoid vandalism, theft and other crimes, a monitored system can provide the eyes and ears to monitor activ­ities in the parking lot, entrances, worship areas and any secured areas of the facility. 

Our verified technology ensures that an alarm is real to avoid false alarm fees and to catch the criminal! Whether you need access control, video surveillance, fire systems or intrusion, a layered approach to your church’s security is our best suggestion. Call today for a free consultation for your custom-designed system!