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Scam Alert in Lexington, KY

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Protecting local families is a top priority for Bates Security. Whether that be sharing safety tips or providing security services, we want your family, home and business to be as safe as it can be. With that being said, let’s work together to stop criminals from targeting Kentuckians.

Common Scams in Central KY

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Scams have reached an all-time high in central Kentucky and we are working hard to stay ahead of the daily con artists. We want to warn local families to be on alert of the following scams this Summer. 

  • Mailbox Scam: Local homeowners in central KY are receiving notices in the mail for a package to be picked up. The notifi­cation has a number to call to get the claimed mail. Your local post office should only notify you that your package is at the post office and shouldn’t have your call any numbers nor give any information. 
  • Student Loans: College students and recent graduates are being targeted by scammers that claim to relieve loan debt for low cost. 
  • Grand­parent Scams: Elderly Kentucky men are women have been getting calls from scammers claiming to be their grand­children needing money. The so-called grand­children need money for emergency situa­tions when on vacation like getting arrested or running out of money. We don’t want local seniors to be taken advantage of for their love and concern for their family. 

Tips to Avoid Scams

  • Be Aware
    • Be alert of these scams and potential scams in the future. Criminals are creating new ways to access users’ infor­mation. Stay aware and avoid giving out your infor­mation in situa­tions that may you feel un-easy. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Hand Up or Don’t Answer
    • For calls that you don’t recognize, don’t answer. Technology has made it easy for criminals to fake called ID infor­mation so you may recognize numbers and they not match the caller. If someone is requesting money over the phone, hang up. If you think the caller may be telling the truth, you can call the number you think it is to double check. This way, you know it is genuine.