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Safety Solutions for Property Management

Apartment Building

Property managers have expertise on a full spectrum of acqui­si­tions, leases, dispo­si­tions, auctions and other building purchases just as Bates Security has expertise on security and safety. Similar to Bates Security, clients range from corporate insti­tu­tions to private developers. 

We under­stand that there is never an one-size-fits-all option, so each system is custom-designed to meet your property’s and tenant’s specific needs.

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Maximize Your Assets With Proper Security

Property managers must under­stand and comply with provi­sions of legis­lation, such as Americans with Disabil­ities Act and the Federal Fair Housing Amendment Act, as well as local fair laws. To ensure their renting and adver­tising practices are not discrim­i­natory and that the property itself complies with all local, state and federal regula­tions and building codes, property managers rely on Bates Security for code-compliant fire systems. Our certified fire and safety specialists design BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Associ­ation Inter­na­tional) and Kentucky code-compliant fire systems while protecting multiple properties 24/7.

One-Point Provider

Put the respon­si­bility on us so you can relax and focus on your business opera­tions. Bates Security has integrated security services including access control, video surveil­lance, fire detection, and burglary so you only have one-point of contact. Most impor­tantly, all security features meet compliance for fire and life safety in multi-tenant residential and commercial properties.

Plan and Implement Compre­hensive Security

apartment buildings

Have compre­hensive security solutions for all your properties, providing you easy operation, better tenant security and better insight into your daily operations. 

Whether it’s discreet building security systems or acces­sible tenant security systems, Bates Security works with property managers to provide unique integrated protection services for each property.

Better Safety for Free

Free Tips for Property Management | Ensure your facil­ities are operating with ultimate safety!

  • For apartment managers, be sure that your employees are easily recog­nized with company-wide uniforms. Make sure that your staff are always wearing uniforms and carrying photo ID when on duty, including mainte­nance workers. 
  • Take advantage of free resources from Building Owners and Managers Associ­ation Inter­na­tional and National Associ­ation of Realtors.
  • Having panic buttons installed at front desks can quickly notify the police in an emergency | Ask your sales consultant about our panic buttons. 
  • Inform your tenants about security and current crimes. Encourage them to watch for suspi­cious activity and report it at first sight!
  • Install visible cameras and access control to your properties so you and your properties can stay connected and in-the-know.

As a property manager, you can attract tenants by deterring criminals and ensuring safety with your building Protected by Bates Security” and by using these safety tips. 

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