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KYESA Life Safety Award

Lexington Police Officer on the Kroger Field

The remem­brance of 9/11/2001 was extra special this year. Kentucky Electronic Security Associ­ation presented an award to a Lexington Police Officer on the Kroger Field. David Ashford, president of ISS Integrated Security Solutions and our own Jeremy Bates, president of KYESA, presented the Life Safety Award to Officer Brian Baker of Lexington Police Department.

Lexington Police Department Recognition

Roll call for the Lexington Police Department was on the field for the remem­brance of 9/11/2001. Officer Brian Baker was award the Life Safety Award for his heroic and bravery on duty in 2019. He saved lives of not only himself but also the other officers and suspects during a patrol. 

On February 20, 2019, Officers Baker and Bill were assigned to the Lexington Police Department C.L.E.A.R unit and were patrolling areas of elevated criminal activity. In the area of Whitney Avenue, the officers located a suspi­cious, occupied vehicle parked on the street. Both the driver and passenger were in the vehicle. Officer Baker made contact with with the passenger side, observing that a handgun was sitting between the passen­ger’s legs near the dash.

As Officer Baker instructed the subject not to touch the gun, the subject stated that he was going to in fact grab the firearm, and make Officer Baker shoot him. The subject became increas­ingly agitated, and contin­u­ously stated that he was going to grab the gun, and make Officer Baker shoot him. Despite the subject’s state­ments, and his increas­ingly hostile behavior, Officer Baker displayed an excep­tional amount of presence, patience, and profes­sion­alism by verbally deesca­lating the situation, and keeping the subject verbally engaged until other officers were able to arrive, and ultimately take the subject into custody.

award during roll callaward during roll call