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KIDS Come First

kid playing in leaves

We should all have special plans in place to protect our families, especially our children. As the seasons change, be prepared for flu season, Halloween and cold weather.

Flu Season is Around the Corner

There are multiple oppor­tu­nities to get free flu shots in the Lexington area. Whether you get a flu shot or not, keep your hands clean. Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps to take for avoiding illness and spreading germs. It is best to wash your hands with soap and clean water but use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you’re in a rush. Keep a travel-sized bottle of hand-sanitizer in your child’s backpack.

Halloween Safety

kids dressed up for halloween

Have a SAFE HALLOWEEN this year. Whether you are going trick-or-treating or expecting trick-or-treaters, follow some tips to help make festiv­ities fun for everyone. 

  • Drive safely and watch for more pedes­trians crossing.
  • Keep costumes creative and safe.
  • Walk safely and always use sidewalks or paths.
  • Teach children not to enter stranger’s homes and not to eat any treats until checked at home.

Be Prepared for the Cold

Kentucky weather in the Fall is cool in the morning and warm in the evening. For this Fall, layer up! Dress your child in several layers as they wait for the bus so they can be comfortable in the morning and evening for recess. 

It is important to limit time outside for younger children. Babies and young children have a lower tolerance for cold weather than adults. Dress them warmly with warm boots, mittens, hats, sweaters and jackets.