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Important Features of Today’s Home Security Systems. A Lexington Tech Explains

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In today’s age of light speed technology, every­thing seems to be focused on a product’s newest and hottest features. When it comes to home security systems, this trend is even more evident. But with all the bells and whistles, what do you really need when it comes to home security?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Since today’s technology is quickly moving toward the benefits of mobile technology, your home security system should as well. However, the majority of tradi­tional home security systems have a blaring weakness: cumbersome wired phone lines. Any burglar in the possession of wire cutters can poten­tially enter your home or business without fray. This problem exists because the majority of security systems use home phone lines to transmit the alarm to the customer monitoring center.

All leading home security providers across the nation, such as Bates Security, the newest and safest trend is to cut the wires and use cellular technology. With a wireless or cellular connection, your home security system will not be dependent on any type of phone or any other type of system in your home. Using a Bates Security cellular or wireless connection makes sure your home and most prized posses­sions are under surveil­lance 24/7. As one of the most important features in home security, ensure your home is protected by a cellular connection.

For Your Mobile Viewing Pleasure

Today’s home security systems are much more than a simple burglar alarm. Instead, you can transform your home security system into a complete and compre­hensive security system with Bates Connect. With remote services, you can use your mobile phone to watch live streaming footage of your home while you are away, arm or disarm your security system, check the status of your system, receive text alerts or emails, and much more. This means you can monitor your teenage children, watch an elderly parent, or simply make sure your pet is safe and sound all from the palm of your hand with your smart­phone. Remote security allows you to forget about forgetting to arm your security system, because you can arm it at anytime, anywhere.

Protection Against Internal Threats

Not all of your threats are from the outside. Sometimes your home and family can be at risk from internal dangers such as fires. While most fires will alert you with smoke, other internal perils such as carbon monoxide are silent and odorless killers. In either case, home security systems should include features designed to protect you from the most notorious internal dangers. With Bates Security’s fire and life safety services, you can easily add another level of protection for your home for full compre­hensive security.

  • You can add smoke detectors to your home security package for 24/7 monitoring.
  • You can add carbon monoxide detectors to have protection from the deadly, odorless and tasteless gas even when your security system is disarmed.
  • With Medical Alert, either you or your loved one can quickly call medical services with the touch of a button.

About Bates Home Security Systems

As one of the few remaining family owned and locally operated Kentucky security companies, Bates Security prides itself in being present in the community. With a singular goal of superior customer service, Bates Security maintains this focus by not subcontracting work out to other entities. In addition, all employees' backgrounds are thoroughly screened and each employee s required to pass a drug test before they are allowed to enter your home.