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5 Things Every Lexington Homeowner Should Do To Deter Burglars at Night

Make the most out of your time while at home! There are simple things you can be doing to make your home safer and family well-protected. Don’t wait for a burglary to happen before prepa­ration. Always prepare for the unexpected.

Five Quick Steps to Reduce the Chance of Night-time Burglary

Become an expert on your home’s security as we explain each step on defending your home. 

The dark doesn’t have to be scary when you know your home is profes­sionally protected. Call our team today at (800) 403‑9471, or schedule a conver­sation about your home’s security now!

Well-Lit Homes Are Not Ideal for Burglars

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Installing motion lights can be a simple part-time solution when preventing night-time break-ins. A home without proper lighting can become a target for burglars to hide and sneak throughout neighborhoods. 

  • Motion lights not only alert you, as a homeowner, that something is moving outside but they may also expose criminals and encourage them to flee. 
  • For conve­nience and safety, have your lights connected to your security system! With today’s technology, you can control your entire home on your phone! Set schedules for your lights to turn on and off while you maximize energy savings with Bates Security lighting controls.
  • The part-time” solution means that this tip should not be the only step you take toward a safer home. Instead, adding motion sensor lights should be an additional piece of security and safety. 

How a Smart Doorbell Can Help

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A video doorbell camera is a step beyond a tradi­tional lock and doorbell as it allows you to see who is at your door before opening. 

  • Never have to open your door to a stranger – night or day! A smart doorbell allows you to interact with the person at your door without ever unlocking your door. 
  • Pretend you are home when you are not. On vacation or at work? You will still get notifi­ca­tions when someone arrives at your door and rings the doorbell. With the two-way commu­ni­cation, you can interact with the person at your doorstep without being home! 
  • Motion sensors just got better! If someone is on your porch and doesn’t ring your doorbell, you can still check in! Did your package come in? Simply get notified when movement is detected near your front door!

Profes­sionally Monitored vs. Un-monitored Security Systems

Firstly, un-monitored systems will not provide the same level of protection for your home. Even when your system links with your smart­phone, there can be times when you may not be in a position to do anything as an alarm goes off. 

With a profes­sionally monitored system, your home is protected 24/7 with no days off! Leaving the monitoring to profes­sionals may give you the additional peace of mind that you need. The main benefit is when the system detects a break-in, fire, or other emergency, it notifies the profes­sional operators and emergency respon­dents immediately.

How Landscaping Can Reinforce Security

By simply minimizing hiding spots for burglars, you are already one step closer to maximizing your security. 

A home’s landscape is usually the first line of defense when coming to security. Ask yourself these questions when thinking about your landscape security defense lineup…

Can someone walk up to your door without making a peep? Try elimi­nating ways to silently walk near your house. Instead of using mulch, use gravel so intruders cannot walk up to your home without a sound.
Are your windows easily acces­sible? Edges of leaves that have thorns and spines can help protect windows. With a Bates Security system, each window has a sensor to alert you when any has been opened.
Where could someone hide outside? Cleaner, more open areas give burglars fewer places to hide. Try elimi­nating areas that are potential hiding spots around your home. 

Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

Remote access home automation

Always lock your doors while you are home or away! 

Forgetting to lock doors is an easy mistake. Would it help if you were notified as you left your home to lock your doors and arm your security system? Bates Security has remote technology that can alert you when you make an easy mistake! Make sure your doors are locked, lights are scheduled to turn on, garage door closed and system is armed– all from your smart­phone!

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