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5 Benefits of a Home Security System. A Lexington Tech Explains

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Undoubtedly, your home should be your safe haven. However, there are several factors at play that aim to violate the sanctity of your home. Instead of leaving the security of your home to chance, you can proac­tively ensure your home security with a home security system. While not all home security systems are created equally, the following infor­mation highlights the top five benefits of having a Bates Home Security system protecting your home.

Peace of Mind

When you are away, a home security system can offer you the peace of mind you need. Even when you are home, your home security system provides you with the security of knowing when your entry points have been secured. For example, if you are home alone, you can set your home security system to the Stay” setting, which will let you know if doors or windows are opened. On the other hand, when you are away, you can set your home security system to the Away” setting, which activates the motion detection system. As a result, any signif­icant movement in your home will alert the monitoring station to further inves­tigate. Compo­nents on your home security system can be altered via your security company and set on the appro­priate delay for the alarm to send signals or an instant setting.

Techno­logical Abilities

Bates Home Connect combines several state-of-the-art technologies to make your home more secure and place more control in the palm of your hands. With smart automation technology, you can effec­tively manage your lighting, locks, watch video live video footage of your home, control your thermostats, and much more. Best of all, you can do all of this from a high resolution touch­screen or combine it with remote services to gain complete control of your home from your smart­phone or remote computer.


As the quintes­sential aspect of home alarm systems, your system will serve as a deterrent to potential thefts. When you install a home security system, you will have home security signs and decals posted outside of your home. As a result, potential thieves and bandits will be discouraged from trying to gain access into your home. In the event someone does breach your home, an alarm will sound off and your alarm system will automat­i­cally contact your monitoring station.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection

While the typical purpose of your home alarm system is to keep uninvited guests out of your home, your security system also protects you from internal threats. Although most states require smoke and fire detectors in your home, carbon monoxide detectors are not required. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless and odorless gas that can cause signif­icant medical compli­cation if inhaled. When you have a Bates Home Security, you can elect to have your home protected from the deadly gas that would be otherwise undetectable.

Lower Homeowner Insurance

When you have a home security system for your home, you are much more likely to receive lower insurance rates. Simply put, when you have a home security alarm system, your home is much less likely to be vandalized or broken into. In addition, your home is also much less likely to suffer signif­icant damage from fires. As a result, homeowners with home security systems are less prone to file insurance claims and suffer signif­icant losses, which leads to lower insurance premiums.

As the leader in home security, Bates Home Security offers all of the previ­ously mentioned benefits and many more. In contrast to large national home security chains, Bates Home Security employs its own service workers. All of the employees must pass a background check and undergo drug tests as a condition of employment. This attention to detail allows Bates Security to deliver its customers the best possible customer experience.