Security Systems for Cannabis Dispensaries in Lexington

September 25, 2019

As a result of the growth in the cannabis and CBD businesses, security needs are increasing. Cannabis is growing fast and it is important to ensure the essentials of any business—safety and security.

Hemp, as a modern agricultural industry, has evolved quickly and dominates topics today. As the legal clouds are lifted, credit services and banking will become more accessible to stores. Currently, several CBD retailers rely heavily on cash sales which puts them in higher risk of internal and external theft. 

Every business has a risk of employee theft but up to 90% of losses in this industry are due to employee theft reported by other dispensaries.

Security Tools that Would Benefit Cannabis Companies

Remote Monitoring: Many CBD and cannabis companies require a supplier, store and multiple buildings or areas for one operation. With remote monitoring, you can have the ability to check in on multiple facilities at the palm of your hand. Manage multiple location from one login, arm and disarm your systems, schedule custom reports, view live video and much more.


Access Control: With multiple areas that hold valuable and expensive assets, CBD and cannabis operations need a line of defense to secure their facility. With access control, know who’s going where in your business. You can have the ability to limit access to any employee, generate exit and entry reports and deter burglars from entering private areas.


Fire Detection: In addition to security needs, CBD facilities require higher needs for safety devices. There is a risk of fire and explosions when dealing with flammables gasses and liquids in the production of CBD extracts. Our smoke detectors have multiple sensors that work to detect an actual fire and we monitor your system 24/7 that track pull station and sprinklers. The fire department will be called if an actual fire is detected so they can respond quickly to save your operations. 

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